UV Protection Standard

  • The UV protection standards for hats are very specific:

  • The fabric must be UV-resistant (protection factor 50 or higher)

  • The sun flap must be long enough to provide sufficient sun protection.

  • The flap at the neck must be long and wide enough to provide sufficient protection.

  • This hat meets the standards for UV protection.


Exposure to the sun causes skin damage. The hat provides protection only to the skin surface directly covered by the hat and, to a lesser extent, to skin surface shaded from the sun. Parts of the face and neck that are shaded and other parts of the body exposed to the sun should be protected with a sunscreen with a high protection factor. The protection provided by this product may diminish with use, damage or > 20 washes. Protect babies - they are particularly vulnerable, keep babies out of the sun.

Declaration of Conformity CE

Declaration of Conformity UKCA