Boys Beanies

A boys beanie is a fun accessory for every boy and a chance to run across the playground with confidence. A beanie will keep him warm and comfortable all winter long. At a young age, boys will not be focused on mixing and matching yet, but will focus on the beanie on its own. For this reason, the BARTS boys beanies are designed in vibrant colours and prints that immediately jump out at you. Check out the Jekobe Beanie and the Frient Beanie to get a good idea of how diverse this current collection is. A BARTS beanie will make your son's winter even more fun!

Boys beanies with stripe designs, tie-dye and folkloric patterns

Although your child may not yet be interested in mixing and matching, as he/she get older, it will become more and more important. To make this transition easier for you, we have put together a collection with a range of patterns and designs. This will ensure you will always be able to find an accessory that fits well with your son's new cardigan or winter coat. Striped designs in a broad range of colour combinations, tie-dye patterns in plain models and folkloric designs that make a more neutral outfit a little more playful. Check out our collection to find the perfect boys beanie!

BARTS sets of boys beanies and shawls/scarves

A number of BARTS boys beanies are available in sets. This sets give you a beanie and a shawl that match so your child will be ready for and looking good this winter. Check out our assortment and see the Wodey Beanie and the Wodey Col. Also see BARTS Codie Beanie and the Codie Scarf! Neutral sets that will match any boy's outfit. Tip: why not try to combine a blue beanie and a dark grey shawl? Or mix and match however you like!