Men's Scarves and Turtleneck shawls 

A good shawl may very well be one of the most important winter accessories. Every man needs a shawl when he heads outdoors this winter. You can also vary endlessly with the colours and prints of these shawls. You can warp a shawl around once to ensure you will stay nice and warm or you can wear them loosely over your shoulders. With a loosely draped shawl, no wind will pass through and you can really show off the design. 

All of the shawls in BARTS men's collection are oversized and this guarantees your warmth this winter. Thanks to the size, the shawl can be worn in various ways. Some of the models also feature a unique design on the reverse side. This makes these shawls multi-faceted and easy to combine with all kinds of winter coats. You can choose the plain design on one day and go for the striped design on the following day. We got you covered! Literally.

Men's Cols

If you are looking for a more functional shawl, you can try our turtle-neck shawls. These turtle-neck shawls are ideal for various activities and weather conditions. Compact but wide enough to keep you warm. For when you're riding your bicycle or scooter or hitting slopes. Check out our great line of turtle-neck shawls here! With a selection of different materials that are appropriate for diverse circumstances. Despite the more functional aspect, the turtle-neck shawls are also available in various prints and fabrics. We offer fabrics that are designed for sports activities in the snow and other fabric intended to match with your winter coat on your way to work.

Different ways to wear a scarf 

The BARTS men's shawls are quite large. Our shawls vary in both length and width. This ensures you can vary how you wear your shawl. Purely for style purposes, you can wear our shawls over you top coat with equal lengths at both sides. If you need a bit more warmth, you can also loop the shawl around your neck. Or you can fold the shawl double, wrap it around your neck and pull one of the ends through the other. This will ensure the shawl fits well around your neck and no cold air comes in. Another option is to wrap the shawl around you neck several times.