Babies Winter

Babies are small and vulnerable and you want to protect then from cold temperatures at all times. While taking the stroller through the park or on your way to visiting grandpa and grandma. At BARTS, we offer an expansive selection of quality winter accessories that will wrap your baby in warmth and comfort. To be sure of the size, check out our fit guide on the product page.

Beanies, shawls, caps and gloves made of the softest materials

Only the best materials will protect your baby from the cold this winter. The right combination of these materials will ensure the softest look and feel. At BARTS, we offer the right combinations to ensure ultimate comfort for your baby. Many of these accessories feature a lining on the inside to help you baby weather the cold. the outside is also soft to the touch to ensure your child is encapsulated by warmth.

Don’t lose ‘em cord for mitts and gloves

No matter how experienced you are as a parent, babies can still be unpredictable. You take your eyes off them for one second, and poof, gone sock! This also applies to baby gloves and mitts. Losing a glove or mitt is a shame, of course. That's why BARTS gloves and mitts are equipped with a cord to keep the set together. If you have this cord run down through the sleeves of your baby's coat, you will be sure never to lose them.