Men's Winter Hats and Caps  

A collection of winter accessories for men is not complete without a range of hats and caps. A men's hat that is functional and stylish is a necessary item in every man's wardrobe. We offer caps to keep your ears warm, the sun out of your eyes and to protect you against the fall rains. But, sometimes you just want to wear a cap or hat because it looks good. Check out our stylish line of flat caps and bucket hats. All of our men's hats and caps are also adjustable in size. They feature a band inside that can be adjusted. This ensures that every one of our caps will fit you perfectly.


For a sporty look and feel, our panel caps are the perfect addition to your outfit. Available in plain and chequered models with natural colours. The available colours include, army, rust and anthracite. For men who are about to brave the cold, we also offer earmuffs. You can turn these down or up depending on the weather. You will certainly always be prepared for cold weather with these earmuffs. If the weather gets warmer, you can fold them down or up. Multi-functional and stylish!

Flat caps 

The flat caps are enormously popular today. Every man should own several men's flat caps. You can wear them with both a more formal look and a casual look. The flat caps feature some excellent detailing. You can choose from various fabrics and colours and with the small detailing you can create different looks. Choose our grey flat cap with herringbone fabric, for example. Or how about an army green chequered model?

Bucket hats, a necessary item in your wardrobe 

For the ultimate protection against wind and rain, you need a bucket hat. In the summer, you can wear these bucket hats to shield your eyes form the sun and they are also quite useful in the winter. Check out our Otulan Hat. Available in three different colours and made of a water-resistant fabric. Functional and trendy at the same time.