Girls Winter Collection

Children are curious, optimistic, and above all, free spirits. That's why they serve as a great source of inspiration at BARTS. To assist them in exploring the world around them, we have designed a collection that exudes cheerful and positive designs – just like the little ladies who will wear these accessories. Hats adorned with joyful pom-poms, gloves featuring playful characters on the fingertips, or ski socks with ice motifs – with the BARTS Kids Collection, you can infuse your children's wardrobe with a healthy dose of happiness and fun!

Girls Caps and Hats

Embark on a magical winter journey filled with style, warmth, and playful adventures. Whether engaging in snowball fights or building snowmen, your kids will stay warm with the girl's hats and beanies from our new collection. Carefully selected colors and patterns, from playful pom-poms to cute animal ears, add a touch of fun to every winter outfit with our accessories.

Girls Scarves and Cols

Our scarves and cols are perfect for the cold seasons. From colorful knitted scarves to playful cols, our girl's winter scarves are a must-have accessory for this season.

Kids Active

Just like for adults, there's a BARTS Active line for children too. Functional designs that protect them from cold and precipitation during winter outdoor activities. Of course, functional doesn't mean sacrificing cheerful designs. Discover the collection here.