Girls Winter Collection

Children are curious, optimistic and above all, free spirited. That's why children are a major source of inspiration for us at BARTS. To help them in discovering the world around them, BARTS has created a collection that is just chock full of bright, positive designs. Just like the young ladies who will be wearing the accessories. Beanies with a fun pom, gloves with bright figures on the fingertips and ski socks with ice cream cones depicted on them. With the BARTS Kids Collection, you can add a good dose of fun and enjoyment to your kid's wardrobe!

Colours, colours, colours

Few things have as much influence on someone's mood as colour and this naturally also applies to kids. That is why this year's Girls collection is just chock full of colours. Check out the Melona Beanie and the Kizie Beanie, for example. Beanies that invite kids to go outside and discover the world. For our natural prints, check out the Breezes Beanie (link), colourful tie-dye designs inspired by the nature that surrounds us.

Kids Active Collection 

Just like for the adults, BARTS also offers an Active line for kids. Functional designs that protect them from the cold and rain during those wintry outdoor activities. Functional, but always featuring bright, fun designs. You can choose ski socks with goofy monsters, helmet covers in the shape of a unicorn or a turtle-neck with a cat print. Our girls ski socks, gloves and helmet covers are all designed so that your daughter will be able to hit the slopes with confidence and style. Made of such materials as fleece and merino wool, these items ensure optimal wearing comfort. Check out the girls articles intended for outdoor activities here!