Girls Winter Gloves and Mitts

As soon as the temperature begins to drop, the gloves and mitts become indispensable for active outdoor girls. The cold turns everything into a winter wonderland. Time to throw snowballs, ride bikes and perhaps even go skating. Plenty to do and discover for active young ladies this winter. Enjoying outdoor activities in the cold will be much easier with the right outdoor sports clothing to protect you. At BARTS, we offer this protection with all kinds of fun designs - for the winter holiday period or a day at school. Check out our new girls gloves and mitts today!

Mitts versus gloves 

An important choice in keeping your hands warm involves deciding between gloves and mitts. Both gloves and mitts offer advantages. With gloves, for example, you have more freedom of movement. You can move each of your fingers separately while with mitts, your fingers are packed together. That's why mitts usually provide more warmth. BARTS Puppet Bum Gloves are a combination of the two. The gloves have open fingers, but with one quick fold, you can turn them into mitts. No matter which you prefer, BARTS offers all kinds of quality gloves and mitts for girls. Items that will keep your kids warm and last for years.