How it all started

It’s the summer of 1986. Bart Koene is successfully selling hand-sewn swim shorts on the très chic beaches of Saint-Tropez. One of the girls helping him out, wrapped a piece of fabric around her head to protect herself from the sun and soon people asked if they could buy this "cool" bandana. There it was, the eureka moment. Bart made the decision to focus on headwear and only a few years later, the brand BARTS® was born.

BARTS® has grown over the last thirty years. That’s because we believe that the pieces we create today should be the vintage of tomorrow. Besides winter accessories, we recently expanded to offer a complete summer assortment with swim-and beachwear for women, men and kids. A whole new and exciting chapter. From comfy beanies to feminine bikinis, every piece is unique.

Today, BARTS® is sold all over Europe, through more than 3,000 selling points.


The capital of culture and cool, and one of the most creative cities in the world. Amsterdam is our headquarters. It's where our design team works and creates our collections. We are in every stitch and fibre, a proud Dutch brand.

Designed in Amsterdam

After almost 30 years, we still find the greatest enthusiasm in doing what we do: creating accessories that keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. We are guided by certain values and beliefs in everything we do. From spotting the trends and capturing the moment to sketching a first draft for a design. From hand knitting a scarf to dip dying a beanie; our traditional craftmanship combined with innovation is the heart of our collection. Every time.

BARTS® head office is in Amsterdam’s Houthaven, which literally translates as “timber port”. It used to be one of the most important harbours for trading in the world. It has been transformed and rejuvenated into a lively green island district. Now the material it’s most famous for isn’t wood, it’s yarns!

From beanies to bikinis

Warm beanies in winter and hot bikinis in summer. BARTS® offers a unique range of high quality, comfortable, functional and fashionable accessories for men, women, children and babies. We are all about fun, togetherness and outdoor living. In life, always take the scenic route.