Men's Sports and Outdoor Collection

For many people, including us at BARTS, winter and winter sports go hand in hand. However, the conditions during winter sports are quite different from everyday life. For these conditions, we present the BARTS Active collection. Comprising a range of functional outdoor sportswear items designed to help you get the most out of your (winter) sports performance. Think of waterproof caps for your hikes and warm neck warmers to shield you from the wind while descending the slopes. The outdoor clothing in this line is crafted from materials like Polartec and Polylana. The water-resistant and elastic properties of these materials make them perfect for various weather conditions. Simultaneously, they have a reduced negative impact on the environment – ideal fabrics for those eagerly awaiting outdoor activities in the upcoming season.

BARTS Ski Socks for Men

A crucial component of BARTS Sport and Outdoor is undoubtedly our ski socks. No winter sport is complete without them. At BARTS, you'll find the finest, most comfortable ski socks. All our ski socks are made from a blend of merino wool, which is the highest quality and softest type of wool available. It's non-itchy and retains its shape. The absorbent property ensures that your feet remain comfortable, warm, and dry during your winter sports activities. Additionally, the men's socks feature reinforcements and adjustments in the right areas, such as ankle support and extra reinforcement in the areas most prone to wear.

Versatile Multicols

For versatility, take a look at our multicols – neck warmers available in various prints. These are perfect for enhancing your outdoor outfit and can be worn in multiple ways. Depending on how you choose to wear it, the multicol can warm your neck and the lower part of your face, or your forehead and ears. Check the product labels for different wearing options.

Men's Sports Beanies and Caps

Within the sports and outdoor category, you'll also find beanies and caps for men. These items are primarily functional and designed in basic colors such as black, gray, and navy. These products allow you to engage in your outdoor activities comfortably. They protect you from wind, rain, and snow through the use of appropriate designs and materials. They're essential components of your winter outdoor clothing.