Men's Sports and Outdoor 

For many people, and also for BARTS, winter and winter sports go hand in hand. The weather conditions during these winter sports can be far more extreme than in your daily life. Precisely for these extreme conditions, BARTS has created the Active Collection. Consisting of many functional items and sporting attire so you can optimally enjoy your winter (sports) holiday. Including water-proof caps for hiking, warm turtle-necks to keep the wind out while swish down the slopes. The outdoor clothing in this collection is made of such materials as Polartech and Polylana. The water-resistant and elastic properties of these materials make this clothing perfect for all kinds of weather conditions. At the same time, these materials have a less negative impact on the environment. Perfect fabrics for everyone who can't wait to go outdoors this winter!

BARTS Ski Socks, your best partner on the slopes

Our Ski Socks are, of course, an important part of BARTS Sports and Outdoor collection. Ski socks are essential for many winter sports. At BARTS, you will find the most comfortable ski socks. All BARTS ski socks are made of a merino blend. This is the best and finest wool available. It doesn't itch and retains its shape. The absorbent quality allows your feet to stay comfortable, warm and dry during your winter holiday. The socks also feature reinforcements and adjustments in specific places on the foot. This includes, for example, ankle support and reinforcements in the places where socks wear out most easily.

Multi-functional turtle-necks

If you're looking for multi-functionality, our turtle-necks are the right choice for you. Our turtle-necks are available in various prints. Perfect to spice up your outdoor outfit and great to wear in different ways. Depending on how you like to wear them, the multi-functional turtle-necks can keep your neck, face or even your forehead warm. See the different options you have in the label of the product.       

Beanies and Caps 

The Sports and Outdoor Category also features a wide range of beanies and caps. These are primarily functional in design and come in the colours black, grey, navy, among others. These products ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor activities in comfort. These beanies and caps will protect you from wind, snow and rain thanks to the design and the choice for the right materials. An absolute must-have as part of your outdoor clothing gear this winter.