Women's Winter Beanies

Our women beanies come in different shapes and styles. Are you looking for a colourful or more neutral ladies' beanie? Either way, BARTS is the right place for you! Are you going for a beanie with a bobble or one with a wide turn-up? Fisherman beanie or a loose beanie? Space-dye or recycled jeans? We offer a wide selection this autumn.

Complete your outfit with a trendy beanie

A beanie not only keeps you warm, but is also a stylish accessory these days. With our BARTS women's beanies, you can easily add the finishing touch you're looking for to your outfit. Whether you're looking for a stylish black beanie or an eye-catching design.

This year, the diversity and power of nature served as a source of inspiration for the designers at BARTS. This means hats with lots of earthy colours such as calm, terra and charcoal. But also natural colour combinations in the form of space-dye (really a trend!) and other natural patterns. The collection includes hand-woven hats created using traditional techniques, as well as hats with eye-catching details. Made from high quality materials and thoughtful designs. From soft wool to recycled denim, earthy colours to ethnic prints. We hope to inspire you to start autumn in style.

Urban beanies

In addition to the diverse styles of our women's collection, there's also the Urban collection, consisting of high-quality basics. Warm women's hats in countless colors with simple yet bold designs that match every outfit. For example, take a look at our Kinabalu Beanie or our Semmoe Beanie. At BARTS, you'll find the perfect women's hat to complement your new beautiful scarf, raincoat, or ski gear.

How do you wear a beanie?

People often wonder how they should actually wear a beanie. The answer is quite simple: however you want! There are no rules, really. A beanie is, of course, designed to keep your ears and head warm. For this purpose, the hat should be worn over your ears. If you want the beanie to look a bit looser, you can wear it slightly higher on your head. You can also opt for our sloppy beanies, which fall more loosely around the head.

Almost all of our women's beanies are designed with a bit more space on top of your head. Depending on your hair color, you can play around and vary the color. For instance, brown hair goes nicely with pastel colors, while blond hair pairs well with slightly brighter colors. However, this is a matter of taste and the outfit you're wearing.

Is a beanie bad for your hair?

We are often asked whether wearing a hat is bad for your hair. The answer is short and clear: no! Wearing a cap or beanie is not bad for your hair, and that it will make you bald is just a myth. If you're still worried, you should opt for natural, breathable materials such as wool. You'll find a wide selection of genuine woollen hats here.

Is it a hat or a beanie?

There's sometimes the assumption that beanies are larger compared to hats. The term 'beanie' is used at BARTS for the entire range of women's hats. So, there's no difference between a hat and a beanie. However, women's beanies do come in various types. These can include 'Fisherman,' 'Turn-up,' or 'Sloppy.' One model, for example, has a cuff, while another model falls a bit looser to the back when you wear it. All these types of hats are referred to as 'beanies' at BARTS.

Women's hat and scarf

Would you like to buy a nice hat and scarf set? Many of our styles are part of a set. Take a look at the Witzia or Joye series, for example. Both are very popular: real bestsellers!

Winter sports accessories

We also have an extensive winter sports collection. Look no further and find everything you need in one place!