Men's Winter Gloves and Mitts

We offer a whole range of men's gloves and mitts. This can make choosing the right pair more difficult. To give you a hand, we have already made a number of choices for you. Including the materials and colours. At BARTS, you will find models that match with your winter coat or your outfit. Men's gloves and mitts that are guaranteed to keep you warm during those stormy fall days and cold winter nights.

Touch-screen functionality

To ensure that your gloves don't don't slow you down when it comes to using your phone, most of our gloves feature finger tops that are compatible with mobile devices. Specifically, we are referring to your thumb, middle finger and index finger. You can even wear some of these models underneath your ski gloves. They are thin enough to be worn as a an extra layer underneath your ski gloves. This will give you added warmth and the ability to operate your mobile device. 

Bum gloves for men

Sometimes you want have your fingers free even though it's cold outside. This is where our bum gloves come in. These gloves feature a finger cover that you can fold back and button down to free up your fingers. If it gets too cold, you can always convert these gloves again and turn them into a warm pair of men's mitts. Available in basic colours so you can mix and match these with your winter attire. For a neat look or for a more casual look.

Active Men

BARTS Active was especially created for enjoying the great outdoors this winter. Consisting of, among others, men's gloves and mitts made of sturdy and sustainable materials. These men's gloves and mitts are perfect for men who like to ski or hike. Or if you're having an active day in town, the BARTS Active line also has what you need. The gloves in the Active line are thin and provide a great deal of freedom of movement. Great for wearing on a bicycle or scooter, for example. The BARTS Active products ensure you will be well-prepared to brave the elements. See BARTS Active line gloves and mitts here!