Boys Winter Collection

Children, and especially boys, are curious, optimistic, and above all, free spirits. This makes them a great source of inspiration at BARTS. To help them explore the world around them, we have designed a collection at BARTS that is full of cheerful and positive designs, just like the little rascals who will wear the accessories. Hats with cheerful pom-poms, gloves with monsters on the fingertips, or colorful ski socks. With the BARTS Kids collection, you give your boys' wardrobe a good dose of cheerfulness and joy!

Sports & Outdoor

For the little boys who love to play outside, we have a Sports & Outdoor collection. These accessories protect them from all external influences, such as the weather. Let nothing stand in their way of exploring the world.

Boys Hats and Beanies

The BARTS boys' hats and beanies collection is cooler than ever this year. The durable construction ensures that the hats last long and withstand winter conditions, making them ideal for daily use and winter adventures outdoors.

Boys Scarves and Cols

We offer a beautiful collection of boys' scarves that are perfect for the winter season. The scarves are made from soft and warm materials like wool and fleece, making them comfortable to wear while providing protection against the cold. With various designs, colors, and patterns, boys can express their personal style with a Barts scarf. Whether it's a classic solid-colored scarf or a playful one with fun prints, there's something for everyone.

Kids Active Sport & Outdoor

Just like for adults, there's also a BARTS Active line for boys. Functional designs that protect them from cold and precipitation during winter outdoor activities. Functional certainly doesn't mean compromising on cheerful designs. Discover the collection here.