Boys Winter Collection

Whether it's 10 degrees below zero or 20 degrees above, boys are always curious and playful. If you want to make sure your son is nice and warm this winter, you've come to the right place at BARTS. Our Boys Winter Collection offers rugged beanies, warm shawls and comfortable gloves. Some are available in sets, others are individually available so you can mix and match with various accessories. No matter which items you choose, at BARTS, you can find the coolest accessories for boys this winter!

Winter accessories for boys that are vibrant and fun!

In designing our boys winter collection, our designers focused one key aspect: we want it to be vibrant and fun! Every design combines colours and playful detailing to create a high-quality final product. Check out our Monster Beanie, Thorn Beanie or the Kids Goser Beanie. Great combination of colours and figures! Your son will be smiling on his way out the door with these great designs!

Pilot hat

If a beanie, shawl and gloves are enough to keep your son warm this winter, why not try BARTS pilot hats? Hats with long ear flaps that can be attached under the chin. This ensures your son's whole face and collar area are protected from the cold. The inside of BARTS pilot hats are fully lined with faux fur. If the weather warms up a little, you can also fold attach the ear flaps back over the top to create a new look. Check out the various models available in the Kamikaze Kids Collection here!

Must-have essentials

With the many colour combinations, you might not know which to choose. If this is the case, you can always go for our colourful basics. Simple but quality designs that are available in a whole range of colours. You can also easily them with a shawl or turtle-neck shawl from the same line. Example sets include the Kinabalu Beanie Kids and the Kinabalu Turtle-neck shawl. Or check out our Codie Beanie and the Codie Scarf. Discover these great essentials at BARTS!