Boys Gloves and Mitts

Nobody likes having cold hands. Your son included. That is why BARTS offers a whole assortment of gloves and mitts that will keep his hands nice and warm this winter. Boys are often adventurous and playful, of course. This means that BARTS gloves are built to last and provide maximum wearing comfort.

Gloves or mitts?

Deciding between gloves or mitts is a personal choice. Gloves give your fingers freedom of movement and mitts provide warmth by keeping them together. This means your fingers will stay warmer but the freedom of movement is limited. This can important when skiing, for example. What BARTS gloves and mitts do have in common is that they are both made of the finest materials. BARTS ski gloves and mitts are made of several specific layers that are water-resistant and wind-proof.

Bum gloves, fingerless gloves for adventuresome boys.

BARTS bum gloves which provide more freedom of movement might the perfect option for your son. These are fingerless mitts that you can easily turn into full mitts when necessary. These will enable your son to still be able to play with toys while his hands stay warm. Check out BARTS Puppeteer Bum gloves and Boys Haakon Bum gloves!

BARTS Boys gloves and mitts for outdoor winter sports

For boys who are about to hit the slopes BARTS offer the gloves and mitts from the Active line! Available in various colours and vibrant designs. Check out BARTS mitts with a monster or dinosaur print. The winter sports items are made of quality materials that are water-resistant and wind-proof. These will ensure your son will optimally enjoy his winter sports holiday. Check out BARTS winter sports gloves here!