Women's Shawls and Turtle-neck Shawls 

At BARTS, you can find the perfect shawl for those cold winter days. Choose from our broad range of hip women's shawls with all kinds of designs. Made of quality fabrics and with plenty of length and sufficient width. You can wrap these large shawls around you several times so that you are protected from those cold winter winds. Check out BARTS range of hip women's shawls and turtle-neck shawls.

Shawl versus turtle-neck shawl

In deciding between a shawl and a turtle-neck shawl, there are a number of things to consider. You must choose between functionality and appeal. With a shawl, you can choose for vibrant designs. You can wear it over your winter coat to create added style for your overall outfit. A turtle-neck shawl is more functional and better suited for cold days. You wear the turtle-neck shawl around your neck so that no wind can penetrate. This doesn't mean your turtle-neck shawl can't be fashionable. You can also vary with colours and materials when it comes to choosing a turtle-neck shawl.


Besides BARTS regular wide women's shawls and turtle-neck shawls, we also have some great ponchos in our collection. With lovely designs and colour combinations, you can take any winter outfit to the next level. Striking designs tailored to drape over your shoulders to ensure extra warmth and style. Available in ethnic print or with a striped pattern. The ponchos have openings for your arms so you can actually wear it like any other article of clothing.