Girls Winter Headbands             

A girls headband is a good alternative to wearing a hat this winter. These headbands will keep her ears just as warm as a hat and can also easily be kept in her backpack. Great to wear on the way to school or swimming lessons, for example. BARTS headbands are also available in really unique designs. Check out the Nicole Headband and the Sassya Headband, for example. Thanks to the materials used, every headband is completely unique. This ensures your daughter will always have a highly original accessory to her outfit. The product photo may, however, slightly vary from the actual product you receive.

Headband and hairband all-in-one

In addition to keeping the ears and forehead warm, the headband can also be used as a hairband to keep your hair back. This way, the little ladies will be sure to have their hair in place while they bike or run through the street. Check out our super playful Fonzer Headbands. Winter headbands with little ears on top. Available in three different models with faux fur.

Winter Sports

The girls headbands made of fleece are part of BARTS Active line. Thin and functional Specially designed for outdoor, winter sports activities. Suitable as an extra layer underneath a beanie or ski helmet but also great for heading into the cold Dutch winds on your bike. Available in five different colours to match with any winter coat. The Kids Fleece Headband provides your daughter guaranteed protection from the cold.