Girls Winter Ear Warmers

With BARTS girls winter ear warmers, your daughter will steal the show! Because these are made of diverse materials and in a range of colours, you have lots of options to choose from. We offer models made of faux fur, models with unicorn designs and others with glitters and hearts. What they all have in common is that they provide guaranteed warmth. Stay warm this winter with BARTS ear warmers! 

Ear warmers with an adjustable frame

The BARTS ear warmers feature an adjustable frame. This means you can fold these up whenever not in use. The ear warmers fold up into a neat little ball that your daughter can easily tuck away in her backpack. You also have the option of, for example, wearing the frame above or under the ponytail. The size of the frame can also be adjusted. You can place the ear warmers on your head and pull them down over your ears because the frame is flexible. This ensures years of wearing pleasure.