Women Winter Headbands

A beautiful BARTS women's headband is also highly suitable for keeping your ears and forehead warm during the winter. At the same time, it keeps your hair away from your face. Perfect to store in your handbag and bring out when you hop back on your bike. Or when you take off your ski helmet for a well-deserved drink on the slopes. This winter, you have the option to choose from various styles for women's headbands. There are headbands with fine ribbed fabric and solid materials. Headbands with a knot or loop detail at the front, or ones that are wider around the ears to cover more of your head. This is ideal for winter sports! Besides headbands for women, we also offer headbands for men.

Hand-Knitted Headband

The Jasmin Headband is genuinely hand-knitted. This guarantees that you have an item that has no duplicate. Completely unique! Available in nine different colors and can be combined with the Jasmin Mitts.

Fleece Headbands for Winter Sports

Headbands for winter sports need to be warm above all and protect against the wind whipping around your ears. For this reason, at BARTS, we've developed headbands made of fleece that shield your ears and forehead from the cold and wind on the slopes. If you're facing really harsh weather, then the Storm Headband is for you. Let those slopes come!

BARTS Headbands

BARTS winter headbands are stylish and functional accessories to keep you warm during cold days. They are made from high-quality materials and offer a comfortable fit. With a BARTS headband, you can effortlessly add a touch of fashion to your winter outfit. Available in different colors and patterns, these headbands are perfect for completing your look during the cold season!