Women's Headbands

A lovely BARTS women's headband is ideally suited to keep your ears and forehead warm this winter. At the same time, the headband keeps your hair out of your eyes. You can easily tuck it away in your handbag if you happen to be on the go. Also perfect when you remove your ski helmet for a well-deserved cup of coffee. This winter, we have various women's hairband styles to choose from. We offer hairbands made of a fine, ribbed fabric and smooth fabrics. We have headbands with a button or loop detail on the front and a headband that is wider at the ears so you can cover more and stay warm. This model is ideal for winter sports. 


Some of the headbands are available in sets. These sets may includes a matching headband with a shawl and sometimes even mitts and gloves. Ideal to complete your outfit this winter. Check out our Bridgey Headband and the Witzia Headband. Available is a whole range of colours and combinations with shawls and/or gloves. No matter what colour your winter coat is, you will always be able to find the right combination.


The Jasmin Beanie is knitted by hand. This guarantees you have an item that is one-of-a-kind. Totally unique! Available in nine different colours and great to combine with the Jasmin Mitts.

Headbands for winter sports

For the winter sports season, you need a head band that is above all, warm. This is why we designed BARTS headbands made of fleece to protect your ears and forehead from the icy winds on the slopes. If you are heading into rough weather, the Storm Headband is right choice for you. These headbands are made of so-called Storm shield fleece. The fleece consists of three layers. One wind-resistant layer between two layers of micro-fleece. Time to hit the slopes!