Women's Winter Handbags 

In addition to our wide selection of beanies, shawls and gloves, BARTS also offers a great selection of women's handbags. You can choose from shoulder bags, backpacks, clutches and handbags for women. Be well prepared this winter and choose the right bag to keep your important items safe. Whether you are going to the office or out to dinner, A BARTS handbag is the perfect addition to your outfit.

Winter handbags

The BARTS winter handbags are made of a select choice of warm materials. This includes faux fur and faux shearling. Or rather, imitation fur and imitation sheep wool. These materials lend our women's handbags a warm touch and appeal that is just perfect for the winter months and go well with the rest of your winter attire. The women's handbags also feature an extra compartment on the inside with a zip or magnet close.

Ready to hit the trail with BARTS backpacks

For those of you who will be carrying a heavier load this winter, we have two backpack models available. Both of these models are available in different colours. The Meadow Backpack and the Mountain Backpack are made of sturdy materials and come equipped with robust closings, adjustable straps and a separate storage space for your laptop or tablet. Ready for the work day!

Everything at hand, in one hand!

For those of you who prefer more compact models, the clutch is the ideal solution. The clutch can be used as both a handbag and a wallet. This is what makes it such a much-loved accessory among women. Our clutches are also made of imitation fur. They are small and compact but still offer enough room for your most important items. You can easily keep your keys, phone, bank cards in our clutch. With room left over for any other items you may wish to bring with you. In short, this is a must-have for women who are looking for a compact alternative to the handbag.


Speaking of handbags, have a look at our Gia Shoppers. Robust, multi-functional models that can be worn in all kinds of ways. They also offer plenty of storage space so you can always be sure to have all your important items with you. Handy, no matter where you go or what you bring.