Men's Headbands

Everyone wants to keep their ears warm in the winter. But, sometimes, it's important not to mess up your hair with a beanie. This is when the BARTS Headband will provide the perfect solution for you. Easy to store in your pocket and put on again whenever it gets cold. Some men also find wearing a headband more comfortable. You can find all kinds of great, high-quality headbands at BARTS.

Vary with colours and fabrics 

BARTS men's headbands are available in various models. You can choose from a range of colours and materials. One of these materials is Polalyna, for example. Polylana is a durable, soft alternative for wool. Made with the environment in mind and requiring fewer raw materials. But still with the same heat-retaining qualities. Merino is another fabric we use for headbands. Merino is the warmest type of wool - guaranteed to protect you from the cold this winter. You can choose from neutral colours like grey and dark blue but we also offer more vibrant options such as red, yellow and pink. Choose the perfect model for you here!