How to choose a swimsuit?

First and foremost: we believe that every body type is a bikini body. However, finding swimwear online that best suits your body can be quite a challenge. We notice that many women are searching for which swimsuit suits which body type, or which bikini suits my body. That's why we'd like to offer you some suggestions and inspiration to help you find your ideal swimsuit or bikini! This way, you can head into summer feeling confident.

Because every body is unique, we've looked at the five most common body shapes and provided several suitable swimsuits and bikinis for each body type. If you would like personal advice, feel free to contact us.

Pear-shaped silhouette

Women with a pear-shaped figure are generally narrower at the top (shoulders, bust, waist) and wider at the bottom (hips, buttocks and thighs). The trick when choosing flattering swimwear is to balance the proportions of upper and lower body. A pear shape tends to be proportionately heavier around the hips. So to balance it, it is best to add more curves and volume at the top, make the waist narrower and put less emphasis on the hips. You can do this by choosing certain types of swimwear and avoiding others. Styles that will look great on you:

Apple-shaped silhouette

Women with an apple-shaped figure are generally wider at the top (shoulders, bust, waist) and narrower at the bottom (hips and buttocks). The trick in choosing the right swimwear for each body shape is to balance the proportions and draw attention to your strongest points. In the case of an apple-shaped body, focus on your breasts and slim legs, while highlighting the curve of your hips and waist.

Rectangular silhouette

Women with and rectangular body shape have a straight silhouette, with minimal difference between waist, hip and chest size. Good news! Because bikinis are designed to enhance the curve of your bust and hips, the rectangular body is perfect for ALL bikini types! Emphasise waist, bust and create the illusion of curves. A swimming costume cut high with deep cleavage is perfect to emphasise smaller breasts and hips. Add a belt to make your waist look even slimmer. Styles that will look great on you:

Hourglass silhouette

The hourglass figure is a well-known term for the ‘classic’ female body shape - an evenly proportioned bust and hips, with a slimmer, well-defined waist. Proportionally, you have the perfect bikini body! Styles that will look good on you:

Curvy silhouette

Women who are plump/curvy often have fuller hips, combined with a larger bust. High waist bottoms look great because they emphasise the waist. Our shaping swimming costumes offer the support & style you need. Styles that will look great on you: