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Women Sports and Outdoor

For women who love adventures and aren't afraid to brave the cold, BARTS Women Sport and Outdoor Winter Collection offers an extensive range of accessories designed to combine performance and fashion. Whether it's skiing, snowboarding, cycling, or simply enjoying a winter hike, BARTS understands that women want to stay active during the winter months. And with our extensive collection of sports and outdoor accessories, this is made possible! Beanies, gloves, and hats perfectly tailored to the needs of active women. Cold and wind-resistant yet comfortable and stylish.

Multicol: the addition to your (winter) sports attire

BARTS Multicols are the perfect accessory for winter sports. With colorful and unique designs, you can choose a stylish accessory to complement your new winter jacket or outdoor clothing.

As the name suggests, the Multicols can be used in various ways. Depending on the weather conditions, you can wear them in different styles. Zooming down the slopes at full speed? Wear them around your neck to keep the snow and wind at bay. Time for a well-deserved lunch? Wear the Multicol around your head to keep your ears and forehead warm when you take off your helmet. In short, the Multicol is essential for your winter vacation. You can find our wide selection of Multicols here!

Women Ski Socks

BARTS women ski socks are made with a blend of merino wool. One of the greatest advantages of merino wool is its excellent insulating effect, providing maximum warmth. Additionally, it has an absorbent function, ensuring you have dry and warm feet for a long time during winter sports. Ski socks undergo a lot of stress due to the movements of the wearer, which is why our ski socks are reinforced in the right places. This reduces wear and tear, making the socks comfortable to wear in your ski boots or snow boots.

Go well-equipped on your ski vacation with Barts' Active line!