Women's Winter Hats and Caps

In addition to the warm beanies, shawls and gloves, BARTS also offers a wide range of hats and caps. These include various bucket hats, flat caps and stylish hats. These are fashionable and functional at the same time. The hip bucket hats, such as the Avens Hat, are made of a water-resistant material, and some of the caps also have ear flaps. The designs feature mat colours and natural patterns, such as tie-dye. Made of soft, durable and strong materials.

One size fits all!

BARTS not only offers a cap or hat to match every style, the hats and caps literally fit anyone - one size fits all. The BARTS hats and caps are designed with an adjustable fitting. This means you can adjust your hat or cap in a jiffy to ensure the right size. This way, the item will always fit perfectly. All you need to do is pick a design you like from our extensive range.

Steal the show with this hip bucket hat!  

This bucket hat is a very popular accessory for women. It is an absolute necessity as part of our collection this year. We have created a diverse range of bucket hats made of such soft materials and imitation fur and imitation sheep's wool. This fall, we are also offering more functional models to protect you from the elements. This also includes our Allectra Hat. Warm and water-resistant, it is the perfect fall accessory. 

Skipper Caps

The BARTS Skipper Cap is once again part of the collection this year. With a choice of various prints, this is surely the coolest addition to your outfit. The Skipper Caps have been part of winter collections for some time and these caps are one of the most popular items for women. The caps feature a sturdy brim to keep the wind and rain out of your eyes and are extremely comfortable thanks to the adjustable diameter on the inside.

A fitting hat or cap for any occasion 

Is it raining outside? Choose our water-resistant bucket hat. Are you looking for a solution for your bad hair day?  Choose one of these cool flat caps. Our range of caps and beanies always look good in any situation. The brim of the Skipper Cap will protect you from the winter sun. And best of all, you will always be looking stylish with this Skipper Cap. A fedora hat will also offer the same protection against the sun but adds just a little more style to your outfit.