Women Socks

During the cold months, warm ladies' socks are certainly essential. Whether at home or during winter sports, no one is happy with cold feet. At BARTS, you'll find the best selection of ski socks as well as several casual socks to wear under your everyday outfit.

BARTS Homesocks

Perfect for pairing with our slippers but also suitable for wearing under almost any casual winter outfit. The Bridgey Homesocks are comfortable ladies' socks with warm designs. They're also suitable as complements to items like your Bridgey Headband or Beanie.

Winter Sports Socks

BARTS has been one of the leading brands for winter sports accessories for years. This includes warm ski socks. Take a look at our ski socks and choose from a wide range of colors and styles. Ski socks made from the finest materials to keep you warm and dry in some of the world's beautiful winter sports destinations. The socks' soles are made from polypropylene to ensure your feet stay warm and dry. Additionally, the socks feature elastic materials in the areas that need it most during winter sports. Think of your ankle and the arch of your foot. You'll find the warmest ski socks right here at BARTS.