Women Earmuffs

Looking for the best ear muffs or ear warmers for women? Look no further!

BARTS ear warmers are a great alternative for women who don't want to wear a hat during cold days. After all, not every occasion calls for a hat! Perhaps you'd like to ensure your hair stays in place when you're on your way to an important appointment. That's where BARTS' warm ear warmers come in as the perfect solution for you. Available in various colors and knits.

Warm Ear Warmers with Faux Fur and Faux Shearling

To ensure your ears stay comfortably warm, many of our ladies' ear warmers are equipped with faux fur and faux shearling. Responsible materials that block the wind and blend well with the design of the ear warmers for women. And, not to be overlooked, ear warmers are back in style!

Adjustable Fit Earmuffs

Just like our caps and hats, the ear warmers also feature an adjustable fit. This means you can simply place the earmuffs on your head and pull them down until they fit you perfectly and fully cover your ears. The frame can also be adjusted to sit at the back of your head. As long as your hair looks good! If you don't want to wear the ear warmers for a while, you can fold them up. This way, they fit neatly in your bag like a little ball. This ensures you're always ready for the next moment when the cold catches you off guard.

Beanie, Ear Warmers, or Beanie and Earmuffs?

For extremely cold days or destinations, a combination of both a beanie and BARTS' ear warmers is possible. This way, you add an extra layer of warmth and simply wear the ear warmers under your beanie or on top of it. This doubly protects you and keeps the cold at bay.