Women's earmuffs 

BARTS earmuffs are a good alternative for women who don't want to wear a hat on those colder days. Hats are not suitable for every occasion, of course. Maybe you just want to make sure your hair stays nice or perhaps you have an important appointment. In these situations, BARTS earmuffs are the perfect solution for you. Designed in various colours and knits.

Warm earmuffs with faux fur and faux shearling.

To make sure your ears stay nice and warm, all of our women's earmuffs are lined with imitation fur and imitation sheep's wool. Responsible materials that will keep the wind away and match perfectly with the design of the women's earmuffs. 

Adjustable fitting

Just like with our beanies and caps, our earmuffs also feature an adjustable fitting. This means you can be sure the earmuffs will fit well and you can easily pull them down over your ears. The frame can also be adjusted to sit on the back of your head. As long as your hair looks good! If you need to take your earmuffs off for a bit, you can also fold them up. This way, you can fit them in your bag in a ball shape. You will always be prepared if it suddenly gets cold.

Feel free to combine!

For those extremely cold days or destinations, you can also combine BARTS beanies and earmuffs. This way, you have an extra layer of warmth and you can wear the earmuffs either over or under your beanie. You will enjoy double protection from the cold.