Girls Winter Sports and Outdoor Collection

You can find the best girls winter sports clothes at BARTS. After all, we have years of experience in making the best winter sports accessories. Also for little girls. The winter sports and outdoor collection consists of gloves, mitts, ski socks, shawls, scarves and beanies made of the finest materials to ensure your daughter will have a great time braving the snow and cold this winter.

Colourful socks 

One of the most important items in the winter and our outdoor collection for girls may very well be the ski socks. These ski socks will provide comfort during any outdoor activity. Whether your daughter is going skiing, snowboarding or just playing in the snow. Proper girls ski socks keep their feet dry and warm in addition to providing support. Choose from a range of fun designs such as ski socks with little foxes, ice cream cones and goofy monsters. Plenty of options for young, stylish winter sports enthusiasts.

All of our skis socks are made a blend of the finest materials. Merino wool is one of these quality fabrics. Merino wool is the warmest type of wool and also has absorbent qualities to ensure your feet stay dry. Merino wool retains its shape well which means the ski socks are built to last and will always fit well around your ankles. Check out the newest ski socks here! 

Vibrant helmet covers

Our cool helmet covers are a great way to really stand out on the slopes. A flexible helmet cover that protects your helmet from scratches and cracks and with which your daughter will really stand out. A great way to be able to keep track of your children on the slopes and a fun item that will turn a basic helmet into a striking accessory. Choose for a butterfly, unicorn or goofy monster design. With these great helmet covers, your kids will be laughing all the way down the slopes! 

Gloves and mitts            

An outfit with a helmet cover and good ski socks is not complete with a matching set of mitts and gloves. The perfect supplement to the girls sports and outdoor collection. Fun to match with our helmet covers. Check out our 3D Nylon Mitts! The fuchsia and green mitts perfectly match the helmet cover. If your child prefers a less bright alternative, we have several available options with plain colours you can match with virtually anything. The girls gloves and mitts have several layers. Each layer has a different function. One layer is water-resistant, the next layer functions as insulation and the third is watertight. This ensures optimal comfort and that your hands will stay completely dry.