While the summer may be coming to an end, it doesn't mean the fun is over! Get ready to head back to school or work, and of course, do it in style.

With the current temperatures, you might not be thinking about it yet, but these months can suddenly change. It can sometimes be a challenge to choose an outfit for a school or work day. Is it warm and sunny in the morning, only to be surprised by a rain shower on your way home in the afternoon?

But fear not, we've come up with a solution. BARTS has got you covered! With our collection of waterproof accessories, you don't need to change your entire outfit, yet you'll still be prepared for all weather conditions. Consider, for instance, the Allectra Hat. It shields you from the sun, protects you from the cold, and ensures that rain won't ruin your hairstyle.

Back to School for Kids

For the little ones among us, we also have the most delightful accessories this autumn. They can steal the show on the playground! The Kinabalu Kids Beanie is a real favorite, bringing a lot of joy to many children with this kids' beanie. Paired with matching warm gloves and a soft scarf, your school year is off to a great start!

BARTS Backpacks for kids and adults

For those who have to carry quite a bit on a daily basis, we've had the Mountain Backpack in our range for a number of years. And that's for a good reason, as many people are fans!

This large backpack with a rolltop and snap closure is perfect for all occasions: a long hike, as a sports bag, or thanks to its convenient laptop compartment, as a work or school bag. And of course, it's also great for your everyday groceries ;-).

In short, go for style and comfort this autumn. Of course, with the fall and winter accessories from BARTS!

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