Men's Winter Ski Socks  

For optimal performance on the slopes, a good pair of ski socks for both men and women is essential. AT BARTS, we offer a wide range of ski socks. The socks are made of durable materials that ensure comfort while you head down the ski slopes so that all you need to worry about is how much fun you are having.

Merino Ski Socks 

BARTS men's ski socks are made of a merino blend. Merino wool is the warmest wool there is. Besides the warmth it provides, it also has absorbent qualities that ensure that you feet will stay dry while you ski. Polypropylene has also been worked into BARTS men's ski socks. This synthetic fibre is durable and sustainable and provides perfect support in the places you need it while skiing or snowboarding. Just like merino wool, it has good moisture-resistant qualities to keep your feet nice and dry.

Reinforced where necessary

Our ski socks are made of the most suitable materials and on top that, are also reinforced in strategic points on the feet. This includes the sole of the sock, the heel and the shin as well as the around the ankle and the middle of the foot. These reinforcements create more comfort and also make our socks more durable against wear and tear. Before you head out on your skiing holiday, make sure you have a pair of BARTS ski socks.