Girls Winter Ski Socks

BARTS has years of experience in designing and creating the finest ski socks. Also for children. The girls skis socks will help your daughter feel comfortable and confident as she heads down the slopes. BARTS offers a wide range of designs to ensure there is something for every child.

Kids ski socks made of merino wool 

Merino wool is one of the best fabrics for making ski socks. Merino wool is the warmest type of wool there is and also possesses absorbent properties. This ensures your daughter's feet will stay warm and dry so she can ski/snowboard/skate in comfort. Merino wool also doesn't itch and retains its shape well. The merino wool is blended with other fabrics to create the right mix that ensures a perfect fit and optimal support. 

Ski socks with good support

It is vital that ski socks provide a good level of support and reinforcement. Winter sports are often intense and that is why ski socks need extra reinforcement in strategic places on the foot. Our girls ski socks feature a reinforced sole, supports at the bridge of the foot and around the ankle.

Vibrant designs 

Our designers have made the kids ski socks even more vibrant than the adult ski socks. No boring grey socks for kids, but colourful ski socks with various fun designs. This includes ski socks with little foxes, goofy monsters and ice cream cones. For the real little ladies out there, our designers have created pink ski socks with hearts. Check out these fun ski socks for your daughter!