Balancing quality, comfort and sustainability is key when it comes to choosing our materials. We are not just perfect yet; moving towards a more sustainable collection is quite a process. Our goals are long-term based, with the ambition to use increasingly more sustainable materials with no concessions to quality, comfort and look. Our goal for the Winter 2023 collection is that 25% of all materials used in our products are recycled or originate from sustainable sources.

With quality, comfort and sustainability in mind, we continuously aim to use more and more recycled materials to help reduce the pollution caused by waste. In our products, we make use of recycled materials with a certification, such as the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), or the Recycled Content Standard.

Also, all our hangtags and “black hooks” are made of FSC certified paper and carton, instead of plastic.


Besides recycled materials, we are also exploring other sustainable materials at BARTS®. We use a lot of man-made fibers like acrylic and polyester in our products, but we are continuously looking for innovative, commercially viable and sustainable substitutions for those materials.