Women's Winter Collection

This fall, BARTS is again the number one address for all your favourite women's winter accessories. We offer you the most beautiful women's beanies, shawls, turtle-necks, gloves and outdoor accessories for the cold months. A range of styles with refreshing designs form the perfect addition to your warm outfit or winter sports wear. So that you will always be warm and looking stylish. Whether you have to brave the weather on your bike, on the ski slopes, or just doing the daily groceries, BARTS invites you to go outside.

Stylish quality

The BARTS collection combines fashion and functionality, which makes it diverse and highly suitable for braving the elements this fall. We have created a collection with the right combination of materials and designs that is just brimming with the highest quality women's articles.  Varying from beanies made of recycled denim to water-resistant bucket hats, and from warm shawls to gloves made of sturdy and sustainable materials.

Nature is the biggest source of inspiration for these designs. The loveliest colours and patterns have been chosen and inspired by nature. Created with the finest materials and earthy colours so you can surround yourself in warmth. With the BARTS accessories, you can elevate every outfit to a higher level!

BARTS Urban Collection, essential beanies

Looking for bold designs in various colours to mix and match in your daily outfits? Check out BARTS Urban Collection. Stylish essentials suitable for every "mood". Feeling blue? Why not go for green, for example! Green inspires and gives you energy on those brisk fall days. See our Kinabalu Beanie or the Kinyeti Beanie. Rugged women's beanies with a comfortable fit give you that added piece of warmth and confidence for your daily adventures.

Recycled denim  

Recycled denim plays a unique role in our collection this season. Besides the tie-dye beanies, chequered bucket hats and colourful essentials, the articles made of recycled denim are a new addition to our Urban Collection. We breathe new life into vintage fabrics to create the most beautiful beanies, shawls and headbands. These fabrics have been garnered from old denim jeans. After an extensive cleaning process, the fibres are used to create new threads that, in turn, are then used to create our new products. This is how we can create a sustainable fashion industry one step at a time. See our recycled denim items here.


BARTS winter accessories offers a varied range of women's wear. In addition to the Casual Collection, we are also offering the ACTIVE line. Functional products made to protect you from the harshest weather conditions. Ideally suited for your winter (sports) holiday. Whether you're going skiing, snowboarding or hiking, BARTS ACTIVE Collection will help you brave extreme weather conditions. Made of such materials as Polartech and Polylana. Fabrics that have been specially selected for their water-resistant and elastic qualities and also because they have a less negative impact in the environment. Perfect fabrics for active adventurers!

Gloves and mitts

Nothing is more annoying than wearing gloves that are not suited for the situation you find yourself in. We know all about this at BARTS, and that is why we offer an extensive collection of materials, colours, and styles to ensure your hands will always be warm. Regardless of the weather. This means you can always be sure to have the right women's gloves that will fit you perfectly. Our tip to you - try, for example, our Witzia Gloves or Witzia Mitts. Available in a range of colours and perfect to mix and match with your winter coat.

Have you bought one already? Bucket Hats!  

One of the biggest winter trends today is the sturdy bucket hat. In the past, the bucket hat was mostly worn by people with an outdoor occupation, but today, this stylish accessory gives you an endless number of options. Discover our broad range of designs. Choose, for example, a warm bucket hat made of imitation fur or our Murcia Hat. A corduroy bucket hat that is available in various vibrant colours. All our bucket hats are adjustable so that you won't need to worry about ordering the right size. See our bucket hats here!  

Shawls and turtle-neck shawls 

A good shawl may very well be one of the most important winter accessories. A shawl will help you brave the wind and rain and can also be a fun addition to your winter attire. You can create endless variations with shawls. BARTS hip shawls are nice and big, and certainly large enough to wear in all kinds of ways. The shawls also feature some great designs that you can mix and match with anything. See our Aryas Scarf for example. It features a vibrant design that you can mix and match. Wear it with a stylish, solid-coloured winter coat, for example.