Women's Sports and Outdoor

BARTS and winter outdoor activities go hand in hand. For the active outdoor enthusiasts among us who cannot wait to enjoy the cold weather, we have the BARTS ACTIVE line. An expansive selection of outdoor attire for women and men. Including gloves, multi-functional turtle-necks, beanies, headbands of the finest quality that help you get the most out of your outdoor activity.

The perfect addition to your women's sports wear - multi-functional turtle-necks!

BARTS multi-functional turtle-necks are the perfect item for winter sports. With colourful and unique designs, you can enjoy a stylish accessory to wear with your new winter sports coat or outdoor attire. The multi-functional turtle-neck shawls can, as the name suggests, be used all kinds of ways You can wear them in various ways depending on the weather conditions. Will you be hitting the slopes? You can wear these turtle-neck shawls around your neck to keep the snow and wind out. Time for a well-earned lunch? You can wear the multi-functional turtle-neck to keep your head and forehead warm whenever you remove your helmet. In short, the multi-functional turtleneck is a must-have for your winter holiday this season. Find our broad selection of multi-functional turtle-neck shawls here!

Hit the slopes in style and comfort

BARTS ski socks are made of a merino blend. One the biggest advantages of merino is that it offers the best insulation. This ensures the most warmth. It also has an absorbent quality. This ensures your feet will stay warm and dry longest during winter sports. Ski socks have to allow much freedom of movement, and that is why BARTS ski socks are reinforced in the right places. This means less wear and tear and these socks are comfortable to wear in both ski boots and snow boots. 

Cold weather? Warm gloves

For an active outdoor winter, your gloves must do more than just look good. They need to be durable and highly suited to use with ski sticks, walking sticks or to be able work with zip closures and clasps. That's why BARTS ski gloves have been designed with multiple layers making them the perfect addition to your women's sportswear this winter. Each layer has a different function. There is a layer that offers insulation and another that provides water-resistance. The palms of the gloves have been reinforced with imitation leather to ensure you can firmly grasp your ski sticks. For the other ACTIVE gloves in the collection, we have carefully selected the materials. One of these materials includes Power Stretch. Power Stretch has long, elastic fibres that adjust to the shape of your hands. This creates optimal wearing comfort for any activity you choose. Check out BARTS new collection of gloves here!

Be sure to choose the right ski goggles!

Choosing the right ski goggles is important. Ski goggles are not only functional, but also a key part of your winter sports outfit. To protect the goggles at all times, we also offer BARTS Goggle covers. These will protect your goggles from scratches and cracks. The covers are made of a sturdy and elastic material and feature a soft inside designed for every kind of ski goggles. You can also clean your goggles with these covers. An absolute must-have for winter sports this season!