What’s a beanie?

The beanie is a comfortable, soft and flexible type of hat. It’s mostly knitted and designed to keep your head warm during cold weather conditions.  Although it’s usually worn as a functional item, this accessory is very versatile and can give your outfit a stylish touch. Nowadays beanies are worn both: inside and outside. The urban beanies from BARTS are perfect for the in-between autumn weather or to wear inside to make a fashion statement. If the weather starts to get a bit frosty choose for soft wool, a warm fleece lining and a chunky pom on top! There are a lot different types of beanies available, making the hat perfect for a wide range of looks. Pointy, short, sloppy or with pom, our beanies come in a great variety of shapes, materials, sizes, each with unique benefits and from premium quality.

Different types of beanies

turn-up beanie

The turn-up beanie is a popular and versatile accessory that you can wear with more or less everything. They feature a regular shape and turned-up brim. Whether you like something woolen, or a thinner cotton version, at BARTS we have a wide range of premium qualities. The perfect solution to keep your head warm during the winter season.

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Sloppy beanie

Sloppy beanies are perfect to create a laid-back cool look because they’re usually worn a bit sloppy towards the back of the head. Opt for a thin or medium knit style for the perfect fit. The best way to combine a sloppy beanie is with a casual outfit, such as jeans, sneakers and a bomber jacket.

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Pointy beanie

The pointy beanie – also mentioned as the high-top beanie – has become very popular over the last years. It’s usually worn slightly higher on top of the head so make sure your beanie is thick enough to stay up. Otherwise it will end up like a sloppy beanie ;-). This on-trend style is perfect to finish up an urban outfit.

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Pom beanie

These beanies are easy to spot from the name itself because they have a pom at the top. Big chunky poms, faux-fur poms or small poms, there are different types available. They’ve long been a common sight on the slopes but nowadays they are also worn in the city. Combine the Pom beanie with a warm winter coat!

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Fisherman’s beanie

A fisherman’s beanie is a ‘short above the ears’ beanie with a turn-up cuff. It’s named after the fishermen who wore them while working out at sea. This type of beanies are mostly made from comfortable and lightweight ribbed material. The fisherman’s beanie looks great with a wide range of coats.

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