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    • Sustainable Products

      • Sustainable Products

Balancing quality, comfort and sustainability is key when it comes to choosing our materials.

Recycled materials

With those three keys kept in mind, we continuously aim to use more and more recycled materials to help reduce the pollution caused by waste. In our products, we make use of recycled materials with a certification, such as the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), or the Recycled Content Standard.

A part of our collection is made from Polylana®. The products made of Polylana® contain 60% recycled plastic from modified polyester pallets and rPET flakes, and 40% acryl. The benefits of Polylana® are saving water and energy, reducing waste, producing less CO2 emissions and it can be dyed at a low temperature. One beanie made of Polylana® saves 5 liters of water and one scarf up to 15 liters.

Other sustainable materials

Besides recycled materials, we are also exploring other sustainable materials at Barts. We use a lot of man-made fibers like acryl and polyester in our products, but we are continuously looking for innovative, commercially viable and sustainable substitutions for those materials.

Our main goal

We know we can’t use only sustainable materials within one day because it’s a huge process. That is why we work long-term, with the ambition to use increasingly more sustainable materials. We want to gradually make our collection sustainable, without doing concession on quality, comfort and look.