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  • Samy the maker @ Makerversity

    Beanie Talks
  • Samy the maker @ Makerversity

    Beanie Talks
  • Samy the maker @ Makerversity

    Beanie Talks
Future proof with an industrial designer

inspire by making

What does the future look like and what products will help make us perform better? It’s Samy’s purpose, as an industrial designer to create products that inspire. Let’s join in on the steps he’s taking…



What products do you design? With what purpose?

I’m actually working on several projects at the moment, such as #isthisart, which are biodegradable stickers pointing to random pieces in the city. But as an industrial designer I have been working full-time on Crescent vision.

A wearable camera developed for surgeons that can capture their entire field of view whilst operating. Both in VR and 3D, with the objective to help medical students and surgeons perform at their best.

Creative creators

You’re a product designer from TU Delft, what made you move to Amsterdam?

It’s the start-up scene that brought me here, but what attracted me the most were the people. People and their mentality to come up with an idea and actually create it, “the maker scene”.


How would you describe the Amsterdam tech and design scene?

Amsterdam has a huge and thriving maker community, such as here at Makerversity, a place with all the needs to build prototypes.

All that’s moving

What elements of a city inspire you and your design?

The infrastructure here in Amsterdam is what inspires me: bikes, trams, cars, skateboards. Everything’s working harmoniously.

Off to Shenzen

Where do you hope your journey will take you?

The main purpose inside my products is to inspire and as a maker and an industrial designer, my dream would be to spend some time in Shenzen/ China, which is a Mecca to industrial designers.

Thank you Samy for showing us around at Makerversity and giving us a showcase about your projects. Please send us a postcard whenever you make it to Shenzen. Thumbs up!


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