The beanie is a comfortable, soft and flexible type of hat. Most beanies are knitted and designed to keep your head warm during cold weather conditions. Although it’s usually worn for its functional purpose, this accessory is very versatile and can give your outfit a stylish touch. Nowadays beanies are worn both: inside and outside. The urban beanies from BARTS are perfect for the in-between autumn weather or to wear inside as a subtle fashion statement. And when winter kicks in, we offer beanies made of soft wool, with a warm fleece lining and a chunky pom on top! There are lots of different types of beanies available, making this hat perfect for a wide range of looks. Pointy, short, sloppy or with a pom, our beanies come in a great variety of shapes, materials and sizes, each with unique benefits and from premium quality.


The turn-up beanie is a popular and versatile accessory that you can wear practically with everything. The turn-up beanie is recognised by its regular shape and turned-up brim. Whether you like something wool or a thinner cotton, at BARTS we have a wide range of premium quality turn-up beanies. The turn-up beanie is a classic must have in every winter wardrobe.
Sloppy beanies are perfect to create a laid-back, cool look as their fit is usually a little looser and, as their name implies, sloppier. Opt for a thin or medium knit style and combine the sloppy beanie with a casual jeans, sneakers and a bomber jacket.
The pointy beanie – or high-top beanie – has gained popularity over the last couple of years. It’s usually worn slightly higher on top of the head, so make sure you choose a a thick material for your pointy beanie, or you will end up with a sloppy beanie ;-). This on-trend style is a great way to finish up an urban outfit.
Pom beanies are easily recognised as such: they have a pom at their top. Big chunky poms, faux-fur poms or small poms: poms come in all shapes and forms. Pom beanies have long been a common sight on the slopes of Austria and Switzerland, but are nowadays also worn in urban areas. Rock a Pom beanie with a warm winter coat!
A fisherman’s beanie is a ‘just above the ears’ beanie with a turn-up cuff. It’s named after the fishermen who wore this hat while working out at sea. This type of beanie is often made from comfortable and lightweight ribbed material. The fisherman’s beanie looks great with a wide range of coats.