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  • Harry Markusse @ work

    Beanie Talks
  • Harry Markusse @ work

    Beanie Talks
  • Harry Markusse @ work

    Beanie Talks
When we met Harry

harry’s journey

We’re seeking for likeminded spirits who take inspiration from urban details and who are looking forward to making their mark within Amsterdam. Please join the journey of Harry Markusse, graffiti artist turned abstract painter.

The path

are you a self-taught artist?

Not really! I started graffiti when I was 15, then studied Fine Arts in the North of the Netherlands… and when I graduated in 2015, I moved to Amsterdam to work from here and have my own studio.

Style matters

how would you describe your style?

It’s a mix between minimal, art edge and formal painting. A mix of multiple styles, mainly inspired by different colours and shapes.


At which places in Amsterdam can we find your art?

There’s a new exhibition at a gallery I work with on project base. Last December they’ve started to organize the ‘Secret Postcard Sale 2017’ and the platform WeLikeArt invited me and 150 other artists to create Art in the size of a postcard.

Inspired by

how does amsterdam inspire you? does it have an influence on your style?

Amsterdam doesn’t have a direct influence on my style, but people come to the city to see your work. It’s an important city for artists, to create work, meet a lot of important people within the scene.


What’s next? Modern Museum of Art? Guggenheim?

This January and in the coming years, Art Rotterdam for sure, which is pretty big for me. In 20 years Art Basel and maybe after 100 years, when I’m dead… MoMa would be nice!

Thank you, Harry, for inviting us to your studio and sharing your inspiration on art with us. We’ve learned a lot about the power & emotion of colours! Go and check out his exhibition in Amsterdam. More info.