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Spring walks at the Burgring

beautiful Vienna is finally green again

A walk along the Neue Burg gardens is what Sunita Ramic from alittlebitof calls relaxing on a sunny day. As famous blogger she is always busy looking for the latest trends, coolest places and next trips to share with her community on social media.

“In spring I love to take a walk at the Burgring, because you have so many possibilities there. You can enjoy the gardens where you can sit and relax in the grass by smelling on so many different flowers or enjoy the gorgeous architecture of the old buildings”

 : alittlebitof

Shop what she wears

The Malabo scarf features a soft modal blend and beautiful artwork. The corners are finished off with knotted tassels. It’s nice and long and therefore can be worn in multiple ways: from beach dress to headband!

Your go-to bag for strolling the market; the Sizo bag has been stitched together with special tape yarn: wide and flat, like a ribbon.


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