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Responsible manufacturing

Creating responsible fashion starts with more transparent manufacturing operations.


Our factories

Barts takes pride in its long-term relationships with their suppliers, some of which have existed for over 20 years. We visit our factories on a regular basis and talk with the workers. Due to this, we know exactly what the conditions in our factories are. For our hand-knitted products, the workers also get the possibility to work at home. Our production is mainly based in China. We explicitly don’t produce in countries where we have concerns about the circumstances. 


Barts code of conduct

We are aware that we are all responsible for the planet we live on and the world’s resources that we use. This includes certain social and environmental responsibilities in our supply chain that are at the top of our list of priorities. For this reason, we have our own Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct clarifies and lays down the minimum standards we expect each factory to meet. This includes no use of child- or forced labor, no discrimination and no excessive working hours. Barts insists that their partners are taking care of responsible manufacturing and healthy working conditions.

You can download the Barts code of conduct here


Barts restricted substances list

Besides our Code of Conduct, we have also introduced our own Restricted Substances List (RSL). This list is raising the bar of applicable legal regulations; to guarantee that the legislation regarding the proper use of chemicals and substances is maintained. To ensure compliance, our products are regularly checked by independent third party certified testing laboratories as Bureau Veritas and SGS.