Polartec® Power Stretch® is a performance-fit fabric that adapts to the contours of the human body for optimal comfort during movement. It has strong elastic fibers creating 4-way stretch. Advanced dual-surface knit construction gives PowerStretch® enough tensile strength for durable shape recovery.

Due to the dual-surface construction, the fabric absorbs moisture from the skin while continuously wicking it to the outer layer for fast evaporation. The outer surface has a low-friction finish, so this versatile fabric can layer perfectly with others and resist abrasion on its own.

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All of our socks are a blend with Merino Wool. Merino Wool is the finest and best type of wool obtainable. It does not itch and is shrink-treated to hold its size and shape. In the blends that we are using for our socks, Merino Wool features natural insulating making it ideal for use at almost every temperature. It is able to absorb 30% of its own weight before feeling damp, which is why our socks will keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable. All socks are produced in Europe to reduce our Co2 emissions.

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  1. COMFORTABLE ELASTIC TOP: The top is made with a comfortable elastic band to prevent your socks from falling down.

  2. TARGETED REINFORCEMENT: Generous reinforcement made of polypropylene are placed in selected impact zones for added comfort, protection and dryness.

  3. POLYPROPYLENE REINFORCED SOLE:  The sole is reinforced with polypropylene to keep your feet comfortable, warm and dry.

  4. ARCH & ANKLE SUPPORT: The socks feature elastic bands around the arch and around the ankle for maximum stability and to make the socks fit like a second skin.

  5. LEFT & RIGHT FIT: The toe box is shaped for each foot for the best fit and the most comfort.

  6. FLAT TOE SEAM: The socks are designed with a flat toe seam to prevent pain, itches and irritation at the toe area.

  7. PROTECTION MALLEOLUS AREAS: The socks are provided with extra cushioned zones for protection and comfort on malleolus areas.