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Meet the makers

We don’t choose our suppliers just out of the products they are able to make, but we are also interested in their story; because we believe every company has one. We visit our suppliers on a regular basis to experience what our factories are really like. We would love to give you a sight of our “behind the scenes” too and meet our makers.

A loving family business

Recently, we visited our supplier, the family Lu from Jiangsu, that we were really charmed by. This supplier is a family business where the owners fully participate. They work in the factory, but also work around the place to keep their integrity. Their parents are always around too; they have a big love for roses and grow them on the factory site to cheer the factory and surroundings up. They love to cook too, and provide everyone in the factory with fresh and healthy food every day. The food they use is home grown, they grow their own vegetables and fruit and even have a pond where they breed their own fish. It gave us the feeling of a little self-sufficient farm, a great place to make our beanies!


The beauty of giving

Another supplier of us, family Sun, has a great heartwarming story too. They are located in one of the coldest areas of Northeast China. Unfortunately, this is also a poor area. This is the reason why this supplier decided to do something good. Every Chinese New Year, they make warm winter accessories from stock materials and donate them to orphan children to help them through the winter. They also give candy with every product to put a smile on all of their faces. We are very proud that we have a contribution in this donation!


Handmade jewellery

We met Jimmy and his wife Sonya years ago on the beach in Seminyak, Bali. Both selling their goods on the beach. Sonya her handmade jewellery and Jimmy his Henna tattoos. Through our talks we discussed that it would be a great idea if they create items for Barts, from there our collaboration started.

Jimmy and Sonya have two boys from 19 and 17 years old and they live in the area of Canggu. For Balinese people, family is number one so they are extremely happy that through our collaboration they can now support their boys schooling. They usually make the bracelets and necklaces at home in the evenings or during the heat of the day under the shade. Jimmy is very picky in this as he wants to provide the best quality and care in his products. We will continue to travel back to the island where Jimmy and Sonya will be greeting us again with their immense smiles.