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  • Celebrate 25 years

  • Celebrate 25 years

  • Celebrate 25 years

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Barts anniversary collection

celebrating 25 years of barts


To celebrate the 25th birthday of Barts our design team took on the challenge of creating a set of special anniversary styles and a special tribute to our two bestsellers.

All earnings of these styles when bought in our online store go directly to the Maratika foundation.


Jammin Jasmin

a Tribute to jasmin


Jasmin was launched 7 years ago and boy, does she know how to steal your heart! It’s a bestseller ever since and we spot it every year, everywhere on everyone. Time to spruce it with a completely new printed jersey lining designed by our in-house artist Kelly Wieck. This special anniversary style comes in two new colours.

Whoopee Wilhelm

a tribute to wilhelm

Our Wilhelm beanie came to life a bit later than Jasmin, but surely performs well as Jasmin’s supporting act being our bestselling men’s style. The anniversary version of Wilhelm also comes with special printed jersey lining.

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