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Beanies are ONe size

except for kids


Hat size Age indication
Size 40 0-3 months
Size 45 3-12 months
Size 47 12-18 months
Size 50 1,5-3 years
Size 53 4 years and up
Size 53-55 4 years and up
Size 55 8 years and up

Most hats have an adjustable fitting system


Hat size Head size
Size S 55-56 cm
(One) Size S/M 56-57 cm
Size M 57-58 cm
(One) Size M/L 58-59 cm
Size L 59-60 cm
What’s my head size?

Measure your head for the perfect hat

Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head in centimeters.

To do this, hold the tape just above your ears where your hat will rest. If you don’t have a measuring tape you can use  a piece of string and measure the length of the string along a ruler.


Let it fit like a glove

Adults sizing system is generic. Below is a chart for kids.

Size Age indication
Size 0 0-12 months
Size 1 1-2 years
Size 2 2-3 years
Size 3 4-6 years
Size 4 6-8 years
Size 5 8-10 years
Size 6 10-12 years
Size 7 12 years and up