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  • Wash & Care

    take care and it will last longer
    • Wash & Care

      take care and it will last longer
      • Wash & Care

        take care and it will last longer

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WOOL | ACRYLIC | ski gloves | fleece | earmuffs

Wool & wool blends

The super delicate stuff

Be careful with the delicate stuff. Especially the hand knitted products require special attention. Any wool or wool blend product should be hand washed only (or taken to the dry cleaner). Use very little soap and look for a detergent that’s made especially for wool. A tiny bit of baby shampoo will also do the trick.

Wool is a great natural fibre that actually doesn’t need to be washed that often. Airing it out frequently can hold off the next cleaning session.

Acrylic & acrylic blends

other knitted products

Got some dirt on your acrylic scarf or beanie and can’t get it of? Machine wash it using a delicate program, cold wash only. Let it air dry, preferable laying it flat like you would with a knitted sweater.

Ski gloves & mitts


After a week in the mountains your gloves will have gotten wet and a little sweaty. Lesson number one is not to use any detergent. It will strip the fabric of its repellent capabilities. Just hand wash the gloves in lukewarm water and gently rub them to get all the dirt out.

There are many cleaning solutions available for technical items. Look for a reproof spray in your local drugstore if your gloves are water resistant or waterproof.

Cotton & cotton blends

caps, bags, scarves and hats

Never machine wash a cotton blend panel cap or shopper bag. Hand wash it in cold water and let air dry.

A cotton blend scarf however, can be machine washed using a delicate program. Always let it air dry.

Not sure what to do? Check the carelabel inside.



Fleece can be machine washed with a normal program not exceeding 30 degrees. Don’t tumble dry or iron. Just let it air dry.


hairy and fluffy earwarmers

…should never be machine washed. Just hand wash them in luke warm water with a tiny bit of soap or shampoo. Let air dry.