Maintaining the guidelines

The animals that produce wool for our products should be treated responsible and raised on farms that preserve land health. At these farms, the ‘Five Freedoms’ guideline has to be maintained. Only mulesing-free wool shall be used.

We intent to use wool in our products with a certification, such as the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), Organic Content Standard (OCS), or the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). In addition, we are continuously investigating sustainable alternatives for animal-based fibers without doing concessions on the premium quality, comfort and look that real wool has.

No angora and mohair
Since 2010

BARTS has discontinued the use of Angora (fibers from the Angora rabbit) in our products since 2010. Additionally, from the Winter 2018/2019 collection and beyond, we discontinue the use of Mohair too.

exploring sustainable alternatives

All leather we use is a by-product of the meat industry. For leather, we are actively exploring sustainable and commercially viable substitutes without doing concessions on the premium quality, comfort and look that real leather has.

Member of Fur Free Retailer

Due to concerns about the way animals are treated at fur farms, we are committed to being a 100% fur-free brand. In our collections we proudly only use faux fur. We became a member of the Fur Free Retailer in 2019.

materials policy
Restrictions and requirements

All of our standards about animal welfare are written down in our Materials Policy. The Materials Policy serves as the basis for monitoring the use of raw materials in our products. It contains restrictions and requirements with respect to the use of raw materials for our products and applies to all our suppliers as it is referred to in the BARTS Code of Conduct.