BARTS Head Office
Amsterdam Houthavens

The BARTS Head Office was built seven years ago with sustainability and efficiency kept in mind. The Barts Warehouse is in the same building as the Head Office. We have a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and an automated system that integrates logistics, buying, sales and finance to save time, working hours and CO2.

happy people
Work life balance

At BARTS, we think happy people means healthy people. We try to maintain a high level of satisfaction among our employees. We offer our employees healthy and organic meals every day and stimulate travelling by bike and public transport. Furthermore, there is a sports room available for exercising before work, during lunch or at the end of the day. Once a week employees have the opportunity to take a yoga class.

reduse & reuse

At our Head Office and Warehouse, we have reduced the amount of paper used for printing and for envelops by 80% compared to 2015. We are more conscious about the use of cardboard and paper on every department of BARTS and it is being reused as much as possible. We recycle all of our paper, cardboard, plastic, VFG-waste and the remaining waste through RENEWI.

reusable & recyclable

All of the polybags we use are recyclable. We pack 3 products per polybag instead of one to reduce the amount of plastic. In 2012, we started using new packing boxes to limit the use of cardboard in our supply chain. Because of the measurements, our products are transported more efficient which reduces the CO2 emission. We have saved 224.000 kg of cardboard because of the boxes that are used all over our supply chain, from the suppliers to our warehouse and to our customers. The cardboard is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, reusable and recyclable.