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FRom swim shorts to beanies

The story of Barts started in the summer of ’86 on the sunny beaches of Saint Tropez. Bart sold his hand-made shorts to the sun bathing rich and famous. With his hard earned cash he went on a journey, travelled the world and met some amazing people. It was when he swapped the sandy beaches for the snowy mountains that the brand really took off.

Barts today

more than 2500 unique designs.

Today, Barts specialises in clothing accessories and is based in Amsterdam. We design accessories for adults, kids and babies. Even after twenty-five years, our designers keep surprising us almost every day with funky ideas, original combinations and unconventional thinking to transform functional accessories into something special. When that happens, we know we’re on the right track.

Barts summer

Hello again!

After being away for more than twenty years, Barts reintroduced the summer collection with a range of hats, scarves and bags. More than twenty-five years after selling the first shorts, the thought remains the same: “Barts believes that life starts outside. By letting creativity lead we make high quality clothing accessories available for everybody, everywhere and for every season.”

How it’s made

It starts with a doodle.

All our beanies, scarves and bags start with an idea. A simple sketch or doodle on a piece of paper.
While ideas are everywhere they are brought to life by creative minds, day dreamers or those who need just a little bit of inspiration to create something new.
It’s that simple, but not that easy.

At Barts, we are proud to say we have found a great group of these people.
A family of talented designers and graphic artists who love the  product and who keep looking for fresh ideas and opportunities everywhere they go. If the team are riding bikes through the heart of Amsterdam, travelling the globe, watching movies or skiing down snowy slopes, it’s their mission to transform what they see into original items that make people smile.

Crafting joy

We can conclude, after almost 25 years, that we still find the greatest enthusiasm in doing what we do. Full of spirit and excitement we try to keep you warm in winters and cool in summers. So you can go outside and enjoy it (like we do). Going on an adventure. Enjoying a journey. Whether it is discovering an up-and-coming neighbourhood in your city or going for an early morning run.

Using this beautiful art of knitting to add joy and fun to your life. That’s what drives us. Achieving that means we’re crafting joy. And we find joy in crafting it.

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